Issue Referencing CDN Link On Chromebook


I ran into a strange issue yesterday. On a web app I work on, it references the Font-Awesome resources via a link to their CDN location like so:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" />

This is a normal, everyday link to a CSS file on a CDN network. And this reference works fine on every browser I tested including Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows and Safari and Chrome on OSX.

However, when the web page is loaded on Chrome on a Chromebook, I get the following error:


As a result, the Font-Awesome styles don’t get loaded into the app and none of my icons show up on the pages of the site. I have also made sure that the problem isn’t the FA files by downloading and adding them to my site locally. And when I did that, everything shows up just fine on the app on a Chromebook.

To this point, I’ve had no luck making the CDN links work. And as of this writing, a question on StackOverflow has yielded no suggestions. Curious and curious.